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The technology area of Pulsed Power invariably deals with the accumulation of energy in a comparative larger volume and over longer time and delivering it to a small volume in shorter time, i.e. compressing energy in space-time.  Time compression invariably involves nonlinear processes, whether in lumped systems such as switches or distributed nonlinearities.  Inherently this pushes electric, magnetic and mechanical stresses to the material limits and constructing systems that maximize their performance and efficiency is one of the unique expertise of Polarix’s founder with many landmark publications and patents. It is the basis of many of the applications that Polarix pursues and includes the following sub areas:


  • Solid State Switching

Polarix's solid-state switch work covers both semiconductor and magnetic switches.  With the former, Polarix is known for its record-breaking photoconductor devices and systems described below.  The semiconductor switch work includes both silicon and wide bandwidth semiconductors.  The recently developed low voltage MOSFETs became a key recent activity of Polarix in its distributed inverters for electromechanical systems which includes motors and actuators.  


  • Energy Storage

Polarix has developed and applied a number of unique energy storage systems based on capacitive, inductive, kinetic and battery systems.  In particular, Polarix founder invented the Meatgrinder for inductive energy transfer, resistive gradient in transient capacitive storage, and in pulsed power batteries.  These concepts play a key role in the various systems and applications Polarix is pursuing.  Among are the various electro-mechanical concepts for hybrid cars, flight control actuators, electro- magnetic guns and pulsed power plasma generators.


  • Pulsed Power System

Polarix specializes in identifying unique synergisms between seemingly disparate technologies in search of unique ‘sweet spots’.  One example is the fortuitous match between single turn electro- mechanics, low voltage MOSFETs and pulsed power batteries.  This triple match is the basis of the Polarix motor and actuator technologies.  Another example is the match in voltage (5-10kV) between high breakdown field of dielectric thin films and bipolar photoconductors which is the basis for the high power density of the Polarix HPM systems.

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