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  • Energy

In the energy field Polarix is active in residential solar systems and large energy storage for peak shaving using superconducting energy storage and its unique meat grinder circuit to efficiently transfer without switching loss. 


The Polarix  integrated solar collector combines electric generation with high night irradiative cooling to provide triple function of electric generation, hot (day) and cold (night) water production for higher efficiency heat pump cooling and heating.  The concept takes advantage of the transparency of silicon in the infrared wavelength   and a double grid structure and transparent substrate.  The impact on the overall efficiency of this night time cooling feature is particularly important in the western USA.


  • Transportation

Polarix's patented invention of a modular turn-less electric motor concept is the key to its activities in flight control systems high energy density motors for hybrid propulsion in terrestrial  transportation and airborne systems.  Its high energy density lends it also to satellite inertial wheel drives among others.


Separately, its energy storage system for peak shaving using switched superconductive inductive storage (Meatgrinder circuit) is another element in its energy related technology.

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