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Polarix Corporation is a San Diego-based R&D firm pursuing innovative and ground breaking research covering a broad area of disciplines including Defense, Energy, Transportation, Communication and Automation.   Established in 2008, the foundation of the company leverages on the fortuitous intersections of disparate areas of physics and technology and is grounded on the vision of its founder, Oved Zucker, to create global progress by continuously pushing the boundaries of technological innovations.


Mr. Zucker has over 50 years of experience and expertise in the defense related arena which includes 12 years at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) where he conceived and demonstrated photoconductivity as a viable pulsed power switch for pulsed power generators and conceived the sequential switching concept for the direct synthesis of High Power Microwaves (HPM).  Other concepts conceived at LLNL include various electro mechanical conversion devices for hybrid cars and magnetic explosive generators and various laser and photonic based Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) communications systems.  Mr. Zucker’s distinguished career includes joining BAE Systems North America where he directed the photonics programs for BAE’s advanced concepts facility and developed the Fly-By-Light (FBL) concept with the Boeing Corporation for the Air Force CMUS Program.  Mr. Zucker was elected an Engineering Fellow at BAE in 2004.


Mr. Zucker is extensively published and his patented inventions cover a broad spectrum of technical areas in lasers, optics, pulsed power microwaves, magnetics and electro-mechanics, photoconductive feedback controlled pulsed laser family, the mode-locked phased array and the massively parallel MEMS motor.  The vision of Polarix aims to take advantage of the seminal contributions of Mr. Zucker and to perform innovative research and development and to transform the conceptual results into systems and applications.

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